Central Park

BCMGA Committee Annual Report
The form gives a template for reporting the work of the committee you have chaired in the past year. You may choose
to write a narrative, if you prefer. The financial information (how your committee spent your budget) is very important
for showing how we used our funds; this record is critical for maintaining our non-profit status.
In doing this report, you need only fill in the information that is relevant for your committee’s work. The information
about outreach contacts, volunteer hours, and number of volunteers helps reflect our work. If you have actual figures,
use them. If you can estimate, do that. Contact our treasurer for details on financial information if you need them.
Committee name___Central Park_______________________________ Months of activity: _____10________________
Chairperson______Kathi Tucker_______________________________________________________________________
Names of key committee members and/or number of active volunteers: ______Barb Vollmer, Judy Shaw, Lorene
Olufson, Susan Hoffman, Carol Pruett, Alan Haight, Steve Naberhuis, Wendolyn Molk, Sha Shifford, Debbie and Pat
Wray, Kathi Tucker_____________________________
Primary purpose of committee:
To design, plant and maintain the garden beds in the south-east corner of Central park in order to demonstrate year
round gardening techniques and plant choices.
Estimate of total hours volunteered___160_______
OR actual total hours volunteered (if you know): __________
Primary goals for past year:
Plant commemorative tree in honor of Barb Fick and install dedication plaque. Introduce new plants in an effort to
discourage misuse of the garden and expand garden interest. Get new MG volunteers involved in the committee.
How did this year’s goals and activities demonstrate serving the BCMGA mission for education? Highlight any changes
that have made serving that mission more effective.
Plant selection demonstrated application of the ‘right plant – right place’ principal. The committee had numerous
opportunities for outreach to the community as well as internal teaching via questions, planting and pruning
demonstrations on ornamental plants.
Event(s)___________Monthly work parties ____________10_________________________________________
Number of working meetings________________________________________________ (note if estimated)
Number of public contacts/participants__________50 est._________________________(note if estimated)
Number of BCMG volunteers involved____4 – 10 depending on the month__________ (note if estimated)
Has your committee made any adjustments for special needs participants?
None have been requested
Any other information about committee work you would like to add:
We continue to have issues with people misusing the garden (sleeping, defecating and doing drugs within the
shrubbery, etc.) We have had mixed results with our efforts to plant species that are unpleasant to be next to in
order to discourage human traffic in certain areas. Plants used were barberries and holly leafed osmanthus. Most of
the plants have survived and are helping us to accomplish that goal. However, some plants were destroyed before
they could become established. We are currently considering ways we could increase visibility through the garden
while maintaining a pleasing design and visual interest in order to facilitate police patrols. We are purchasing a
‘grabber’ to assist in removing litter while minimizing potential negative impacts to the volunteer. As our group ages,
we have fewer members that are capable of performing the needed major garden renovations.
Budgeted amount for the year: _____$210___________________
Total spending for the year:
_____$128.76 to date__________________
Was committee work adequately funded to meet goals?
yes__X__ no ____
If not, what changes are recommended?
Report here how your committee has used any Special Allocations funds: n/a
You may attach any photographs or materials representing accomplishments of the past year.
Submitted by____Kathi Tucker________________________________ Date_____12/4/2015_____________________
Thank you for doing this!