Read180 Expectations

The English Department
READ 180: 8th Grade
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English Office: 516-488-9323
Please contact teachers via e-mail.
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Mr. Meo / Mrs. Orfanos:
Textbook: Each student will be provided with an rBook to use within the READ 180
classroom. This textbook/workbook will remain in the classroom all year.
Notebook: Each student is required to have a green binder with five dividers.
Responsibilities: Each student is also responsible for the following:
Purchasing an agenda book
Attending class daily unless excused by the health office or attendance office
Being on time and ready to work at the start of class
Being prepared for class with a pen, pencil, notebook (s) as stipulated by the teacher
Class participation is a major component of your grade. Please raise your hand when
answering or asking a question
Completing homework as assigned by the teacher. No make-up homework will be
accepted unless you are legally absent. Homework should then be submitted no later than
one day after the day of return to class.
Seeking extra help when necessary
Completing all assignments and makeup work in a timely manner in accordance with the
district and teacher policies
Displaying behaviors in class which are respectful to the teacher and other students
No eating or drinking is permitted (except bottled water)
No cell phones or electronic devices are permitted
You will only be allowed to get up out of your seat when given permission by the teacher
Accepting the consequences which will ensue if these responsibilities are not met
Summer Reading: All students were responsible for completing a summer reading
assignment. Students were asked to read two pieces of literature over the vacation. One novel
was assigned to students, and students were permitted to select a second novel of their choice.
For the assigned novel, students had to complete a book packet (incoming seventh graders will
receive this at the beginning of the school year). For the choice novel, students had to complete a
project as outlined in the summer reading letter.
Make-Up Work: Work due to absence must be made up. It is the responsibility of each
student to obtain and complete all missed class work, homework assignments, quizzes, and tests.
Failure to makeup work within a prescribed amount of time may result in a lowered or failing
grade. Attendance and participation are integral and important components of learning.
Grading Policy/Guidelines for READ 180 Students:
35% Tests/Quizzes
35% Projects/Writing
10% Software
10% Homework
10% Class Participation
I have read the above Grade Expectations for READ 180 and understand what I must do to be
successful in this English program.
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