– Challenges for the future Prof. Bob Webb

Prof. Bob Webb – Challenges for the future
Q. Just tell us about the grand breaking research that has been carried out at the
University and the differences that some of that researches are making to our lives.
We are quite fortune at Nottingham that we are a broad base University, what that
mean is we have a whole range of disciplines, going from art and humanities, social
sciences, medical research, veterinary research sciences, and that’s mean there are
major opportunities for us. As well as being just discipline base, it also means we
have a lot multi-disciplinary research. When one thinks about Nottingham, we have a
whole range of cutting-edge discovery then that’s actually development through what
apply, approaches and more at application. I suppose that the one people around
the world would recognise is the development of MRI, this came out the basic
research at Nottingham, Peter Mansfield got the Nobel Prize for that. And that just
shows the way the basic research can be taken right through to ready be applied
and have an impact worldwide.