English 8 Language Enrichment

English 8 Enrichment
Mr. Bradley
Grade Expectation Sheet
Classroom rules:
1. Always remember that you are in a classroom and speak appropriately. NO FOUL
2. Show everyone, including your teacher and any substitute teachers, the same respect that you
demand for yourself.
3. No food or drink in class!
4. Always be fully prepared for class (notebook and writing utensil).
5. You must stay awake in class – you will be sent directly to the nurse if you are caught sleeping.
6. Try to get along; no fighting, arguing, put-downs, or any other malignancies.
7. Stay seated until the bell rings. It is extremely rude to stand up and begin to pack your bags
before class is over.
8. Raise your hand if you want to speak in class.
9. Be honest.
10. Students must be on time for class.
- You will bring your English Class Binder for use in class
- Folder
- Writing utensils – Pens (blue or black ink) and pencils
Grading Policy:
This is a pass/fail course, and as such there will be no numerical grades. However, your
status will be determined by evaluation of the following:
- Effort/Participation
- Improvement
- Completion of assignments
Extra Help:
Extra help hours will be posted in the departmental offices, and parents contact will be made
as needed. Extra help will also be available by student appointment.
Contact Information:
The English Department telephone number is: 539-9423
My voice mail extension is: 5104
I _____________________________have read and understand the above.
I _____________________________have read and understand the above.
Home Phone # __________________
Work Phone # ___________________