Math 8 Lesson Plan 13 Solving 2 Step Algebraic Equations class outline for students.doc

Sewanhaka High School
Math 8
Name:___________________________________ Per:___
Mrs. Lidowsky, Principal
Mr. Long, Teacher
H.W. #13: Ditto
DO-NOW #13: Convert each verbal sentence into an algebraic equation and solve each equation.
1) 24 is 6 more than a
2) The product of 7 and
3) Thirteen fewer than
some number is 35
some number is 3
Topic: Expressions and Equations
Main Idea: Solving Two Step Algebraic Equations
) has seen 4 more horror movies today for
a total of 10 horror movies.
How many horror movies did (
) see date
the previous days? Convert the verbal sentence into
an algebraic equation and solve the equation and
check it.
I am thinking of a number. If you double my
number and add four to the result, the sum is 10.
What number am I thinking of? Write an equation.
What is different about the equation 4 + 2g = 10 as
compared to 4 + g = 10?
How would you solve and check the equation:
4 + 2g = 10?
I’m thinking of a number. If you double it and add
six to this product, the answer is 24. What number
did I start with? How can I find the number?
4) The quotient of some
number and 8 is 12
How do you solve two step equations?
Solve and Check for m: 6m – 4 = 38
Solve and Check: 16 =
Solve and Check:
1) 3(x – 5) = 27
2) 7 +
3) 9 + 3d = 45
4) Write four more than twice a number is 38 as an equation and solve.
If time:
Mr. Shorty’s theater was $1 per carload or $.25 per person. If there were 214 carload admissions one night and
the total sales was $285.50, how many individual tickets were sold?