Technology Committee Report  Institutional Support of Labs and ATC’s:

Technology Committee Report
 The Technology Committee is working on a Proposal and Implementation Plan for the
Institutional Support of Labs and ATC’s:
Student Domain Proposal for Institutional Support of Labs and ATC’s
With the introduction of the new ERP system over the next three years, COM will be implementing many
IT upgrades that will improve the way the College conducts business operations. With the addition of a
Student Domain, these upgrades also have the potential to dramatically streamline and improve how we
offer instructional services to our students. While we currently have a few workgroups and small domains
(CIS, Science), they function independently in a fragmented system that does not enable students and
teachers to access information and computer-related services from all computer classrooms, smart
classrooms, and labs. This is what a Student Domain will accomplish. It is above all a centrallymaintained system to allow us to communicate more effectively across all classes and laboratories.
By creating one unified domain for students as a sub-domain of the Marin domain, we will greatly
enhance the effective delivery of computer-enhanced instruction. All existing analog materials will be
converted to digital streaming video, enabling faculty to display their instructional and supplementary
materials easily in class and make them available to their students at all times in any COM lab. Both
faculty and students will be able to develop familiarity and ease of use because of uniform processes
across all labs and classrooms. Faculty, including adjunct instructors who currently lack domain
accounts, will be able to store their materials directly on the domain and access them in any computer
classroom. All educational materials, including textbook CDs, can be standardized and maintained
remotely, eliminating the interactivity problems that now cause so many problems. The domain will also
allow for the centralized maintenance of educational hardware, including upgrades, upkeep, and
inventory. The domain will support both Mac and PC platforms, eliminating the difficulties we now face.
 The committee is also finalizing the Student Acceptable Use Policy.
 The committee is also working on the development of a Distance Education ad hoc
committee to develop and comprehensive Distance Education Plan for the College and to
forwarded a draft of the plan to the Technology Committee and to other governance
committees for input.