2013 UK Campus Summer School Application Form

2013 UK Campus Student Summer School Application Form
Please complete the following application form and send it to [email protected] no later than
midnight on Sunday 2nd June. There are a small number of full scholarship places that are being offered to UK
campus students, so please complete this form to apply for one of these places.
Personal details
Student ID
Date of birth
What level are you studying?
Email address
Degree title
Current year of study
Expected year of graduation
_ _ (day)
 Male
_ _ (month) _ _ _ _ (year)
 Female
 Undergraduate
Do you have any special needs that would involve us making
special arrangement prior to, or during the summer school?
 Postgraduate
 Yes  No
If yes, please give details
Please answer the following two questions with a maximum of 350 words for each answer.
Why are you applying to the summer school and what do you hope to achieve from it?
Use your interest in business and management skills to demonstrate why you should be
considered for this opportunity.
How will you make an effort to integrate with other students on the course, who are from
our overseas campuses?
Social events
We will be offering two day trips as part of the course. On Saturday 6th July we will be going to the
historical city of Cambridge, where you will have chance to visit the famous University colleges. On
Wednesday 10th July there will be a chance to go to Chatsworth House, in the beautiful Derbyshire
countryside. More details about the trips can be found on the website, but please indicate here
whether these trips are of interest to you.
Please send your completed application form to [email protected] by Sunday 2nd
June 2013. Any applications received after this date will not be considered. You will be
informed of your acceptance on the course by Friday 7th June, when you will get information about
confirming your place.