Hi, my name is Keith Nottle, I’m a PhD candidate here with the school of American
and Canadian studies. It’s a school that teaches a number of subjects, my subject is
a political history.
In term of using the facilities at the University of Nottingham, I found of the use of
graduate school very good for my own study. For example, in term of building
confidence, I‘ve been on the presentation and further presentation skills courses.
Also, I have learnt more about PhD process, a course on PhD supervision process
helped me bed into studies, and also time management courses help me in
managing my own studies outside of the University environment.
In term of my own research going abroad, I found going on a course about
interviewing a list of subjects and accessing archives of most use.
The University of Nottingham has developed e-journals and e-books which can be
accessed off of campus and this has been quite useful because it means that for the
books I use heavily, you can now accessed them outside of the University and library
opening hours. In term of my own teaching, it is also been good for students who use
these facilities as well.