Sample Accounting Job Description
XYZ Corporation
XYZ Corporation offers exciting career opportunities that include variety, challenge and
extensive client exposure in an environment that fosters teamwork and continuous
learning. We are seeking highly motivated individuals who meet the following criteria:
Minimum GPA 3.2
Strong technical, analytical, and problem solving skills
Ability to work independently in a team-oriented environment
Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills
Strong professional presence
Relevant work experience highly desirable
U.S. residents
Position Statement-Assurance Intern:
XYZ Corporation professionals use their analytical and quantitative knowledge to
serve clients in all areas including: Financial Statement Assurance Services, Business
Process Risk Consulting, Computer Risk Management, XYZ Process solutions,
Derivative and treasury Risk Management, Government Contracts Consulting,
Business and Fraud Investigations Services, and Ethics and Responsible Business
All intern functions are under the direction of an experienced staff member or senior.
The intern will perform a variety of supervised duties to gain experience and to aid
their progress with XYZ Corporation. Although each interns experience will vary
slightly depending on engagement assignments, listed below are generally the job
functions that an intern may perform along with the estimated percentage time spent
on each duty.
Areas and Job Functions – Audits:
1. 4% CASH-Audit bank reconciliation, test cut-off, test for bank transfers
and tie to general ledger.
2. 10% Accounts Receivable – usually, statistically sample to select
accounts for confirmation, perform confirmation procedures, reconcile
customer confirms to client records, tie to the ledger and test the adequacy
of the allowance.
3. 10% Inventories – Observe client inventories. Test clerical accuracy of
client records by re-footing listings, trace XYZ Corp. test counts to
client’s listing and perform process tests on client inventories.
4. 10% Property and Equipment – Vouch additions to invoices, test
depreciation expense, test disposal for proper removal from records, and
tie out to general ledger. Reconcile financial statements and tax
depreciation timing differences and related tax work papers.
5. 10% Accounts Payable – Perform search for unrecorded items, reconcile
confirmations to client records, reconcile to general ledger.
6. 1% Prepaid Expenses – Verify the cash outlay. Re-compute prepaid
portions of expenditure and tie to ledger.
7. 10% Accrued Expenses – Perform necessary audit steps which may
involve tracing to subsequent payments, re-computation, tracing to real
estate statements, etc.
8. 5% Time and Expense responsibility – Responsible for recording daily
hours incurred for all team members and monitoring the estimates to
9. 10% Miscellaneous – Perform other tests as requested by the individual
responsible for the engagement.
10. 5% Management Advice – Be able to develop and communicate
management advice recommendations. These are typically generated
throughout the use of consulting questionnaires, internal control
questionnaires and performance of assigned audit tasks.
11. 15% Special Intern Project – Help develop research database for various
key industries.
12. 5% Training – Participate in XYZ sponsored technical training.
(Signed by Immediate Supervisor)
Joe Employer
Senior Investment Adviser
XYZ Corporation