Long Beach City College PeopleSoft Modification Request Form ______________________________________________________________________

Long Beach City College
PeopleSoft Modification Request Form
Requested by: _______________________________________
Date: ____________________
Requesting Department: ____________________________
Case ID: __________________
Approval required: (by Vice President of area)______________________________
Approval required by RMUG members_____________________________________
PeopleSoft System/Component: ________________________
ACIT Use Only:
Approved: ___
Not Approved: ___ Deferred: ___ Mod #: ____________
Request or Modification Title: __________________________________________________
Section 1:
Criteria for Modification Request
Please check the appropriate categories to indicate the business justification for this modification request.
Modification Governance Category
(check ONE)
Modification Decision Criteria
(check ALL that apply)
State/Legal/Collective Bargaining Requirement
Impacts the ability to go live or is a result of collective
bargaining, Trustee requirements, Executive
direction, or State / Federal regulations
LBCC Business Requirement
Modification would result in a significant reduction in
manual effort
Productivity Enhancement
Modification would maintain a significant service level
or add significant improvement in administrative
productivity and/or service
Software Improvement
Without the modification, additional staff would be
necessary to perform the business process
Section 2:
Business Justification (potential benefits, negative impact if requested
modification is not implemented)
Section 3:
Detailed Requirements (including system access requirements if applicable)
Section 4:
Process Frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc)
Section 5:
Date Needed (completion date of modification request)
Section 6: Attach Screen Shots or Provide Sample Data (if applicable)
ACIT Dept/March 2006
Request Title
File Name:
Section 7:
Functional and Technical SPECIFICATION
Business Test Conditions
Last Revised: 12/04/03
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