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Benchmark Role Profile for Research Fellow
Version 2.0
Last amended: September 2014
Role Profile Form
Job Title:
Research Associate/Fellow
School of Contemporary Chinese Studies
£25,769 - £37,768 per annum depending on skills and experience
(minimum £28,982 with relevant PhD). Salary progression beyond
this scale is subject to performance
Job Family and Level: Research & Teaching Level 4 Training Grade/Level 4
Contract Status:
Fixed-term from 01 September 2016 until 01 August 2018
Hours of Work:
Full-time (36.25 hours per week)
School of Contemporary Chinese Studies, University of Nottingham,
Reporting to:
Professor Lina Song
Purpose of the Role:
This post is created to work on an ESRC/DfID funded research project entitled ‘Local
Government, Economic Growth and Human Development: Chinese Lessons for Kenya and
Uganda?’ The role-holder would work as part of an international research team and be given
significant responsibilities for fieldwork, involving surveys and experiments in Kenya, Uganda
and China. They would also play a large role in the design and analysis of data collection, using
insights, techniques and knowledge relevant social sciences including development economics,
development studies or highly related subjects. The role-holder will be expected to work
independently at times, either managing the operations of a specific fieldwork exercise or
performing analysis on some agreed aspect of the project. However, good team work skills will
be required to collaborate with an international research team and to supervise enumerators in
the field.
The person appointed will have the opportunity to use their initiative and creativity to identify
areas for research, develop research methods and extend their research portfolio. It is
expected that they would be named as joint authors on multiple research publications.
Main Responsibilities
To collect data during fieldwork, managing surveys and experiments involving
households, schools, health facilities and local governments in low income countries.
To train local enumerators and organise data collected from field surveys and
To analyse data, interpret reports, evaluate and criticise texts and bring new insights
to research area.
To write up research work for publication and/or contribute to the dissemination at
national/international conferences, resulting in successful research outputs.
To co-ordinate the operational aspect of research networks, for example, arranging
meetings and updating web sites etc and contribute to collaborative decision making
with colleagues in area of research.
To plan and manage own research activity and resolve problems, if required, in
meeting own/team research objectives and deadlines in collaboration with others.
To utilise and contribute to organising research resources and facilities and workshops
as appropriate.
Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications & Experience
 PhD (or equivalent), or near
completion, in development
economics or development studies
or closely related subject areas; or
equivalent in professional
qualifications and experience in
research area
 Excellent oral and written
communication skills, including the
ability to communicate with clarity
on complex information
 High analytical ability to analyse
data, interpret reports, evaluate
and criticise texts and bring new
 Administrative, managerial and
practical skills required to conduct
and oversee fieldwork in
developing countries, including:
timetabling and planning;
organising transport and
communications; training and
supervising fieldworkers;
interviewing respondents and
running experiments; data entry
and organisation
 Ability to design instruments for
data collection via surveys and
 Ability to build relationships and
collaborate with others, both
internally and externally
 Substantial practical experience in
use of relevant research methods
(quantitative analysis of
experimental or survey data) at
postgraduate research or
professional level
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 Record of academic excellence
in taught courses (e.g. First
class undergraduate degree and
Distinction grade Masters
degree) in relevant discipline
(economics, sociology or
 Proficiency in Mandarin
 Expertise in applied
microeconometrics and/or
experimental economics
 Experience of conducting
fieldwork in developing
 Experience of researching broad
project themes (government
institutions and economic
development; poverty,
education and health)
 Experience of research on China
or Africa
 Record of research publications
relevant to the broad project
Decision Making
i) Taken independently by the role holder;
 Operational decisions in the field when managing specific data collection exercises
 Making choices and judgements when analysing data on assigned research tasks
ii) Taken in collaboration with others;
 Design of instruments for data collection
 Logistical planning of fieldwork
 Research objectives and strategy for analysis phase of project
 Decisions about dissemination and publication of research
iii) Referred to the appropriate line manager by the role holder
 Major deviations in budget or timetable from agreed plan for fieldwork
 Resolution of any disputes or disagreements with research partners or officials in fieldwork
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