Form 3- MA/MS Grad Research/Thesis Proposal Form

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Master of Science/Master of Arts
Form 3 - Graduate Research Paper/Thesis Proposal
A formal written proposal for a Graduate Research Paper or Thesis must be developed by each student
seeking to complete a Master’s Degree at Bemidji State University. Each student is responsible for:
1. Initiating communication with the assigned advisor to ensure that the correct process for
completing the proposal occurs.
2. Acquiring the specific guidelines associated with the written proposal for a Graduate Research
Paper or Thesis for the department or area of study. (Each Department may have requirements
that differ from the University at large.)
3. Becoming familiar with the guidelines that apply to the area of study and discuss questions
related to the guidelines with his or her advisor.
4. Acquiring the correct style manual (i.e. APA, MLA, etc.) for the Research Paper or Thesis as
required by the department or field of study.
5. Meeting with the advisor on a regular basis at mutually agreed upon times.
6. Selecting on Oral Examination Committee (includes advisor).
7. Presenting a draft of the Paper/Thesis on a regular basis to his or her advisor and committee
members for comments and feedback.
8. Obtain necessary form(s) from the Graduate Studies Office and provide copies of all required
Print name
Current Address
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Email Address
Zip code
BSU Student ID#:
Proposed Title/Topic:
*Departmental qualifying exam/written exam was successfully completed?
No Advisor Initial: ________
The signatures affixed to this page, in the spaces provided below, indicate that the proposal (noted above) has been read and approved as
an appropriate activity for additional research and study.
Advisor (Committee Chair)
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Committee Member
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Committee Member:
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College Dean
Director, School of Graduate Studies
Please return this completed form AND proposal to the Graduate Studies Office,
Deputy Hall 111