School of Industrial Engineering and Management

School of Industrial Engineering and Management
Faculty Advisor Selection Process for MS students
Each new MS student is responsible for the selection of a faculty advisor. The procedure is
as follows:
Select an MS program track and prepare a proposed plan of study for this track that
indicates your subject interests.
Acquaint yourself with the teaching and research interests of the faculty members listed in
your chosen MS program track. Class interaction, seminars, student chapter activities and
the IE&M Web site can be useful in this regard.
Develop a one-page write-up that includes some background information about yourself
and a brief summary of your potential career and/or research interests.
Arrange appointments (or conference calls for Distance Learning students) with one to
three faculty members from your chosen MS program track to discuss their willingness to
serve as your advisor.
Select your advisor.
Each MS student must select a permanent advisor before the beginning of pre-enrollment
for their second semester in the program and submit a completed advisor and track
selection form to the department.
Interact with your advisor to assure your academic and professional development and to
assure that you graduate in a timely manner.
Version: Fall 2015