13 Year - Milks Winning Team

Crawford County 4-H Dairy Skills
13 year old
Milk’s Winning Team
Did you know that milk contains NINE powerful nutrients? Milk’s nutrients work together like a
team to keep your bones strong and your body fit.
Meet “Milk’s Winning Team” of Nutrients:
Calcium -
Calcium is the team captain! Calcium builds bones and teeth and keeps
them strong. Calcium also helps your muscles contract and your heart
beat! Did you know that every time nerves send out a signal or your
blood clots when you are bleeding, calcium is involved? This hardworking mineral is important whether you are 6, 16 or 60!
Vitamin D -
Vitamin D is calcium’s co-captain. In fact, vitamin D helps your body
absorb calcium and works with calcium and other nutrients to build and
keep your bones strong.
Vitamin A -
Vitamin A helps your eyes to see in the dark! It also helps to keep your
skin healthy.
Vitamin B 12 -
Vitamin B12 helps your body build red blood cells. Red blood cells carry
oxygen from your lungs and deliver it to your working muscles. This
vitamin also helps keep your nervous system healthy.
Protein -
Protein helps to build and repair your muscles and other body tissues. It
also helps your body fight off infections and heal wounds.
Riboflavin -
Riboflavin, a B-vitamin, helps change the food you eat into energy for
your muscles. Muscles need energy to do their work.
Potassium -
Potassium helps to balance the fluids in your body so you have just the
right amount of water in your blood and other tissues.
Phosphorus -
Phosphorus, along with calcium, strengthens your bones and teeth. It
also helps your body’s cells produce energy for work and play.
Niacin -
Niacin helps your body to use the nutrients in food. Like Phosphorus,
niacin helps your cells produce energy needed to play on the team.
1. Name the nine nutrients found in milk?
a. ________________________________________
b. ________________________________________
c. ________________________________________
d. ________________________________________
e. ________________________________________
f. ________________________________________
g. ________________________________________
h. ________________________________________
i. ________________________________________
2. Which two nutrients are needed to build your bones and teeth?
a. ________________________________________
b. ________________________________________
3. Which nutrient helps to build muscles and body tissues?
a. ________________________________________