Jun 2011 Minutes

Faculty Development Council Meeting
Thursday, May 5, 2011
3:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Adelbert Hall, M1
Members Present:
Christine Ash
Diana Bilimoria
Cleve Gilmore
Alison Hall
Mark Hans
Jacqueline Lipton
Ica Manas-Zloczower
Daniel Scherson
Lynn Singer
Carol Stark
Patricia Underwood
Members Absent:
Invited to Attend:
Shirley Moore
Amanda Shaffer
The meeting was called to order by Lynn Singer, Deputy Provost and Vice President for
Academic Affairs, at 3:00 p.m.
Dr. Singer introduced the following two invited guests to the meeting:
Shirley Moore, Associate Dean for Research, Frances Payne Bolton School of
Amanda Shaffer, Project Director, Institutions Developing Excellence in
Academic Leadership (IDEAL)
Faculty Development Council (FDC) Chair
Lynn Singer appointed Diana Bilimoria to Chair the FDC for the upcoming year.
The minutes from the January 20th meeting were approved as submitted.
Review of Faculty Climate Survey
Faculty Climate Surveys have been distributed to the Deans. The report is not
available on the web at this time and will be discussed at the next meeting.
Faculty Development Council Meeting
Thursday, May 5, 2011
Page 2
Council’s Mission Statement and Composition
Discussion of Draft Mission Statement: Points raised included the need to
develop a strong emphasis on faculty development, focus on recognition of
faculty, and develop consistency among the schools. The statement should
identify the needs of faculty, showing collective resources and organization.
Conclusion: The Council drafted the following mission statement: “Provide a
comprehensive framework for all faculty development initiatives across the
University and develop campus-wide priorities for strengthened faculty
recruitment, advancement, retention, and performance.”
Priority items are budget and website. The Provost’s website has been
recently updated; the Deputy Provost’s website should be updated to
include a link to the Faculty Development components. Alison Hall and
Amanda Shaffer may have a student who can assist with the website update.
There should be a central location for faculty to find assistance, support and
to avoid duplication in processes. The website should be updated within the
next few months.
The Council’s charge should be shared with all deans, and faculty
development should be included in the evaluation of deans by the Provost.
Representation on Council: An Associate Dean of Research (if position is
created and filled) or a person identified within each school will serve on the
Further Discussion on Faculty Development Issues
Shirley Moore, a guest at today’s meeting, discussed the “Clinical and
Translational Science Awards (CTSA) Mentoring Program. CTSA is a
funding program to assist in research interacting among schools and
institutions. This grant funding is supported by Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth,
University Hospitals, and Case Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Dental
Medicine. Awards are meant to encourage cross-disciplinary and
collaborative research in these areas and designed to support research
which may lead to adoption of best practices. CTSA has good tools to use
for faculty mentoring and faculty development in research. For example
CTSA has a system of paying mentors for research mentorship and setting
expectations for faculty development in research.
Faculty Development Council Meeting
Thursday, May 5, 2011
Page 3
There isn’t consistency in the annual faculty evaluation process used across
campus. Some elements of electronic faculty activity reports could be
standardized across schools, and some elements customized by schools.
It would be a step forward for our committee to consider different faculty
evaluation forms and processes across campus. Some common measures
of faculty evaluation across campus should be recommended.
Faculty goals need to be established for each coming year. Self evaluation
against last year’s goals should be encouraged.
Prioritization and Goals of the Council
The Council needs to support a strong development environment.
Develop better advertising to facilitate or coordinate a campus wide initiative.
Send out a clear message from the Council which should be supported and
accepted by the Deans and upper management. Obtain endorsement from
the Provost, and base recommendations on data from climate survey,
strategic plan, etc. The Council’s functioning needs to be clear and visible.
For success, the Council needs to make sure that best practices of faculty
development happen in all schools.
Council priorities were set for the upcoming year, including:
Develop a website (a central repository of resources and links)
Identify overall implications of faculty development for the university
based on the recent climate survey.
Devote at least one meeting each to discuss faculty mentoring and
development issues at each of the three faculty ranks (assistant,
associate and full) and non-tenure track faculty. For example at the
associate professor level, our Council can provide recommendations
for improving guidance for promotion to full professor.
Identify good practices in faculty annual review letters and the annual
review process at various schools in the university. Recommend
some common measures across the university.
Establish dates for monthly Council meetings through December 2011.
The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m. Notes prepared by Carol Stark,
[email protected], 368-4389.