Grading Policy For IBEAR

Grading Policy For IBEAR
IBEAR adheres strictly to the grading standards of the University and the Marshall School of
Business. The following grades are used:
A = excellent
B = good
C = minimum passing
C- (or below) = not passing
In addition, plus and minus grades are used, with the exception of an A plus. An explanation of
the USC grading system can be found in the USC Catalogue. A system of grade points is used to
determine a student’s general average or standing. Grade points are assigned to grades as
follows for each unit in the credit value of a course:
4.0 points C
2.0 points
A- 3.7 points C- 1.7 points
B+ 3.3 points D+ 1.3 points
3.0 points D
1.0 points
B- 2.7 points D- 0.7 points
C+ 2.3 points F
0.0 points
A minimum grade of C (2.0) is required in a course taken for graduate credit. However, in order to
receive an MBA degree, a minimum grade point average of 3.0 is required. This standard
guarantees the quality of the USC MBA degree.
Because of the quality of our participants and the close attention given to them, a very high
percentage of IBEAR participants pass all courses with C or better grades and obtain a grade
point average above 3.0.