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Title: Teen Leadership
Grade Level: 6, 7, 8th grade
Teacher: Tara Wyrwich
Date: September 22nd-26th
Objective: Emphasize problem solving via different methods of communication. Teens work in pairs,
groups, debating, discussing, making decisions, and communicating through different activities.
Standards Addressed: Leadership
Materials for Learning Activities
Materials: Paper, and pen or pencil
Procedures for Learning Activities
A. Problem Solving, Decision making, and Communication
1. Journals at the top of class (5min.)
2. “Desert Island” Each person will list 2 items they would take with them if they knew they were
going to be deserted on an island.
3. Teacher List them on the board
4. Then split class in two groups-one should come up with ways the items will help them survive,
and the other group will come up with possible situations that might occur if those were the
only items they had.
5. Share Out
6. Lastly, if you could back and trade some items out what would it be and why.
7. “Diagram” teens work in pairs, one person guiding the other to accomplish a simple picture, but
back-to-back, without ask questions, in the end show each other the picture and compare.
Instructional Strategies (20 minutes)
1. Getting the students to work as a together as a team, problem solving activity that is fun, getting
students to communicate with each other making them realize how important communication truly is,
elaborate more in the discussion, and use decision making skills.
C. Closure (5-10 minutes)
1. Building relationships are important, problem solving takes place every day and they do it whether
they realize it or not. Making a decision in life can sometimes be crucial, learn to make the right
2. While working as a group can you identify what the most difficult part of the task was? What type of
strategies can you describe while doing these activities? Identify ways this could help you in the future.
Could you learn from the decisions that you make if you just weighed it out from the beginning?
3. Writing is a necessity!