Ch 20 (+ 16) Study Guide

Ch 20 (+ 16) study guide
Name: ______________________________________ Period: ____
1. Be prepared to write an essay on the characteristics of one of the following: Inca, Aztec, Maya.
Write down the information about 1 empire from your notes here:
Empire chosen:______________ Location: ______________________
2. Vocabulary:
A. conquistador
B. colony
C. cash crop
D. Mestizo
E. Columbian Exchange
F. Capitalism
G. Mercantilism
3. What was Columbus looking for on his 1st voyage westwards?
Where did he think he had landed?
Where did he REALLY land?
What did he do while he was there?
How was his 2nd trip different from his first?
What did he die believing?
4. What colony did Portugal claim?
5. What did Amerigo Vespucci claim?
Why does this matter to us as Americans?
6. What did Ferdinand Magellan believe?
What happened to him and his crew?
Why was this important?
7. What was Hernando Cortes?
What was he looking for?
Who did he defeat?
How did he win?
8. What was Francisco Pizarro?
Who did he defeat?
9. What was the Northwest Passage?
Why were Europeans searching for it?
Why was it important?
10. New France makes up most of modern day what?
Why was it profitable?
11. What was Jamestown?
What happened to the original settlers?
What was discovered there?
12. What happened to George Washington during the French and Indian War?
What are the results that would contribute to the American Revolution?
13. How were American Indians treated by the Dutch and French?
How were they treated by the English?
Why did so many die?
How would you describe the settlers overall attitude towards the American Indians?
14. What 3 other options besides enslaving Africans did the colonists have?
Why did they not choose any of the options?
Why were Africans found to be desirable by the Europeans to be used as slaves?
15. What were the first Africans who arrived in the Americas?
How were they treated?
16. Draw and label the triangular trade.
17. What were the effects of slavery?
18. What were the 2 most important things taken from the New World to the Old World in the
Columbian Exchange?
Why were they important?
What did they lead to?
19. What did global trade lead to?
20. Based on the theory of mercantilism, what are the 2 ways which a country can increase its wealth?
What is the goal of mercantilism?