S.U.R.F. application

Student Undergraduate Research Fellows (S.U.R.F.)
Application Form Guideline
This student undergraduate research fellows (S.U.R.F.) proposal is a joint Faculty
Scholar/Student Fellow team submission. The team should submit a joint proposal that
includes the following components. These should be in the order described below.
[ ] Application Form: The application form should be the cover page of the proposal.
[ ] Description of Project: The description should cover intended scope and goal of project.
Include a brief review of relevant research of the area of interest as well as a description of
the activities that will be undertaken to accomplish the student research.
[ ] Plan and Timeline: Provide a plan of activities with clear timeline for the summer program.
The timeline should also include required meetings, reports, presentation - see Schedule and indicate any conflict. It is recommended that the timeline covers 10 weeks, 20 hours per
week. Consider a potential back up plan for unforeseen circumstances.
[ ] Assessment: When the project is complete, how will you and the Faculty Scholar evaluate
the experience, especially the achievement of the project objective?
[ ] Bibliography/References: Bibliography/reference of literature used to develop the research
[ ] Faculty Scholar Applicant Role: The Faculty Scholar should address the goal of the student
project, criteria for project evaluation, and describe his/her role in the project. Indicate how
much the project is based on the student’s work/thinking and how much is derived from
faculty work (i.e. is this an original student project or part of an ongoing faculty project).
[ ] Faculty Scholar Recommendation of Project: The Faculty Scholar should recommend the
project for application based on direct experience the faculty has had with the student, and
the student’s ability to perform and complete the proposed research.
[ ]
Project location, materials and procedures: Identify location where the student will carry
out project. What will the student need to do work (phone, special equipment, materials)?
When will materials be ordered? Where will materials and products (data collected, samples,
media) be stored? What security or special conditions must be met (private room to interview
participants, locked file cabinets, refrigerator, vacuum, access to media suite) to effectively
store these materials/products? How will student have access to the research materials and
products if the faculty member is unavailable? Are these issues resolved at the time of the
application or will the faculty-student team need help to obtain these products/create
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Fall 2015
Student Undergraduate Research Fellows (S.U.R.F.)
[ ] Other Approvals: It is the responsibility of the Faculty Scholar to inform the Student Fellow
of any additional training or approval necessary to conduct the student project. It is the
responsibility of the Student Fellow to ensure (a) that this training/approval is documented
(what is needed, when it will be started and completed) and submitted as part of the student
research application form, (b) that these requirements are met prior to the beginning of the
Summer program. Examples of training/approval are laboratory safety, Institutional Review
Board (March approval is recommended), use of animal subjects, etc. Additional
training/approvals may be necessary.
[ ] Submission of Proposal: Submit (a) the original in hard copy and (b) an electronic copy
(in Word document or PDF) via email, to the Office of Provost. Proposals received after
the deadline (02/04/16, 4pm) will not be reviewed.
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Fall 2015
Student Undergraduate Research Fellows (S.U.R.F.)
Application Form
Due First Thursday of February, by 4pm, Office of Provost
Student Applicant
Name: ____________________________ Major: _____________________
Current GPA: ___________ Rank: (
) 1st year (
) 2nd year
) 3rd year
) Other
Telephone: ____________________ E-mail: ___________________________________
Title of Project: ___________________________________________________________
Signature indicates awareness of conditions of program and willingness to complete project:
Faculty Scholar
Name: ________________________
Department: ____________________________
Signature indicates approval of project and awareness of conditions of program:
D&R Committee review:
( ) Student Recommended
) Student Not Recommended
D&R Committee chair signature: _______________________
Provost review:
( ) Student Approved
Date: ____________
) Student Not Approved
Provost signature: _________________________________
Date: ____________
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