Course Syllabus
Machine Technology 1
Instructor: Richard Burton
Office: 302
Phone: 864-260-5160 ext.149
Planning Time: 3rd Block
Course Description:
Machine Technology Level 1 is an introduction to machining and how it has evolved to present
day. Learning how to apply all shop safety practices while working in a machine shop
environment. Students will become competent in measurements and using precision measuring
tools. Understand how to read drawings, tolerances, and material specifications that will lead the
way to laying out work. Demonstrations of the proper use of various hand tools and power tools
along with personal protective equipment. Introductions to the setup and operation of the Lathe,
Milling Machine, and Surface Grinder. Create a CNC program using cartesian coordinates and test
run on a CNC Mill.
Given the necessary equipment ,supplies, and facilities , the student , upon completion of the
course instructional hours, will be able demonstrate the following core competencies.
Credit: 2 units
Course Equipment Fee: $10 due the first 2 weeks of school
Prior to operating any of the Machinery: Must have closed toe shoes, no loose long sleeves or
baggy clothing that could become wrapped up in moving parts of machinery,and all jewelry must
be removed from fingers and around wrist.
Students are required to provide the following materials for classroom use:
Notebook paper, pen or pencil and a calculator. These items need to be brought everyday.
Grading, procedures and scale
25% Projects ( accuracy, finish, and use of materials)
25% Safety & Shop management ( tool care, clean up, use of time)
25% Class participation ( textbook, workbook, quiz, pretest)
25% Test (unit test ,project final grade, level 1 final exam)
A: 100-93
F:69 and below
Attendance is extremely important in skilled classes. It is students responsibility to make up any
work that may have been missed.
Units of study
1. Introduction to Machining
2. Shop Safety
3. Metal Characteristics
4. Precision Measurements 1
5. Understanding Drawings
6. Working with Hand Tools
7. Benchwork and Layout
8. Workholding Devices
9. Metal Cutting Saws
10. Drills and Drilling Machines
11. Milling Operations
12. Lathe Operations
13. Grinding Operations
14. Quality Inspection
15. CNC Programming 1
Class rules and Expectations
1. Be in class and seated when the bell rings.
2. Bring appropriate materials to class.
3. Always use respectful language and behavior in the classroom.
4. Leave the shop area neat and clean at the end of class.
5. If you borrow it return it.
6. No cell phone use during class time.
7. One person leaves the class at a time with a pass.
8. Transition from the classroom to the lab quietly.
9. Do not touch equipment unless you are instructed on its proper usage.
10. All proper safety rules are to be followed at all times.
Consequences for violating rules:
1.Reminder of rules through a verbal warning.
2.Private conference with student.
3.Letter and call to parents.
4.Referral to school Administration.
1.Raise your hand to ask a question or speak out loud.
2.Pay attention to the lesson and keep your head up.
Working in Groups:
1.Stay in your assigned group and work as a team on the assignment.
2.All must contribute to obtain credit for the assignment.
Test taking:
1.Keep your eyes on your on test paper.
2.If you have a question raise your hand and I will come to you.
3.Do not leave any books or papers out during test time.
4.No Talking between students will test is going on.
Substitute teacher:
Worksheet or computer exercise will be given to all students and must work toward or complete
during class time.Behavior should follow the same guidelines as if the teacher is present. Actions
will be rewarded or punished accordingly.
Final Exam:
Will be taken from a study guide or a hands on lab project.
1ST BLOCK 8:25 - 9:55
2ND BLOCK 10:00 - 11:30
3RD BLOCK 12:25 - 1:55
2:00 - 3:30