SMCR & Rich/Lean Applications

Exercise 1
SMCR & Rich/Lean Applications
Part 1
1. A coach wants to motivate her players, what type of terminology should
she avoid?
2. What metaphors would be most persuasive to a group of college students
but would not be motivating to a group of senior citizens?
3. How would a videoconference change the educational process?
4. What characteristic of e-mail makes it easier to deceive someone?
5. What audiences would be least likely to access information via the World
Wide Web?
Part 2
Rich or Lean Situation?
1. Confirming a meeting time. (R or L)
2. Deciding on the Prez’s strategy for handling a racial scandal (R or L)
3. Firing an employee (R or L)
4. Providing employee update on a major change (R or L)
5. Helping consumers install a new version of Windows (R or L)
6. Answering a student question regarding the due date of an assignment
(R or L)
7. Informing consumers about a new price for the local paper (R or L)