Sponsor Agreement College colloquium Grant Program

Sponsor Agreement
College colloquium Grant Program
Program commitments
I agree to be a resource for the student in the ways and to the extent described in
the sponsor form I provided as part of the application process.
I agree to hold the student to the highest standards of academic performance and
ethical conduct (including, but not limited to, the humane treatment of human and
animal subjects, avoidance of plagiarism, and accuracy in data-gathering and
reporting), and to review those standards with the student before beginning the
I agree to provide a final evaluation of the student and project upon its
completion, and by the program deadline of November 1, 2016.
I understand that my final evaluation is necessary before I can receive payment of
my stipend as sponsor.
I understand that my final approval is necessary before the scholar can receive the
final portion of his or her payment.
Name of sponsored student (please print) ______________________________________________
Faculty Sponsor signature
Faculty Sponsor name (print) ________________________________________________________
Please sign both copies of the contract and return one copy to the Student Academic
Grants and Awards office, 100 Matthews Academic Commons.