Membership Dues Deduction Form Please Print Name (First and Last)

Membership Dues Deduction Form
International Association of Fire Fighters
Fairbanks Fire Fighters Association –Local 1324
PO BOX 71739, Fairbanks, Alaska 99707
Major Admin Unit – UAF
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Name (First and Last) ____________________________________________________________
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Subject to the limitations of applicable Alaska and federal laws, and in accordance with the Collective Bargaining
Agreement between the IAFF Local 1324, FFA and the University of Alaska, payment of the following is a condition of
I elect to join the International Association of Fire Fighters as a Member with full
membership benefits, privileges and voting rights. Dues, initiation fees and assessment
costs are determined by the membership according to the bylaws. I authorize deduction
of Local 1324 membership charges.
Employee Signature: ______________________________Date ____________________
For University of Alaska office use only (PDADEDN)
Dedn Code = 630 (dues)
FFA, Employee
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Revised 4-13-11