mestizo A new look at the New World involves a change...


What does mestizo mean?

A new look at the New World involves a change in the narrative about the pre-Columbian cultures of

Latin America and the Caribbean. What is the new narrative?

How is corn a “human invention”?

What were Ferdinand and Isabella preoccupied with in 1492?

What caste system was instituted in 1492 in Spain and WHY?

How is religion a means of controlling empire?

How did Columbus’ reports and items from the New World transform the Old World?

What was Isabella’s conflict : God or gold?

How did New World and Old World religions/ beliefs become fused?

What was the Sistema de Castas and why did it cease?

How did Charles V finance his Catholic wars and the rise of capitalism?

What were the New Laws that Charles V instituted, at the insistence of de las Casas?

When Charles V abdicated his reign to Philip II, what became Philip’s goal?

What was the “silver capital” in the New World and how was it extracted?

What was the final, last straw for Spain’s superpower status?

Who was Garcilasco de la Vega? What did he write and why?

What did he consider as the uniting solution for the Indians and Spanish?

Why does the filmmaker conclude that mestizo is “neither one nor the other but both”?