ass geog amy

Assessment for
Tips for Better Preparation of
NSS Geography Curriculum
Au-Yeung Wai Yin
Cognitio College (Kowloon)
Why Should Assessment for
Learning be Implemented?
• Making learning more meaningful
• Cater for a wider range of students
with more diverse abilities, interests
and needs
• Respond more directly to the needs
and aspirations of students
How Could Assessment for Learning
be Implemented?
• Issue- and problem-based enquiry in
real-life contexts
4 Key Features
1) High quality
- thoughtful
- careful listening
- reflective
4 Key Features
2) Involving students in
their learning
- group discussion,
question and answer,
field study,
project learning etc.
4 Key Features
3) Giving timely feedback
- feedback on how good the work is
and further improvement
4) Sharing criteria
- students clear about what is to be
learned and what success would
be like
What Should Students Learn?
• promotion of “learning in life” and
“learning for life”
• cultivation of positive values and
attitudes, and the development of a
global perspective and civic
• construction of knowledge
What Should Students Learn?
Development of generic skills
• 4 Cs
1) critical thinking skills
2) communication skills
3) collaboration skills
4) creativity
• Map and photo interpretation
4 Topics for Investigation
1) Opportunities and Risks — Is it
rational to live in hazard-prone
- Volcanic eruption in Iceland
- Earthquake at Qing Hai
4 Topics for Investigation
2) Weather and Climate
- Relationship between climatic hazards
and human activities
a) drought in China
b) dust storm in Hong Kong and China