Unit 1 - Introductory presentation (PPT, 3MB)

OCR Level 3
Cambridge Technicals
in Sport
Unit 3:
Principles of Anatomy and
Physiology in Sport
Your heart
Beats at a steady
rate and ensures
your blood moves
around your body,
but what happens
when you exercise?
During exercise
Your heart beats faster
Your lungs provide more
oxygen to your muscles.
Your energy systems
ensure you have enough
energy to exercise.
You’ve produced lactic
acid which can cause a
burning sensation in your
muscles, you’ve lost
essential water, you’ve
become breathless.
Energy systems
When exercising, the body
fuels itself using:
Level 1/2
After you exercise
You must ‘cool down’ properly
Your heart rate returns to normal
The amount of oxygen needed
in your muscles reduces
The lactic acid goes from
your muscles
You need to replenish the
water you have lost.
What will you learn?
• The structure and function of
the skeletal system
• The structure and function of
the muscular system
• The structure and function of
the cardiovascular system
and energy systems
• The structure and function of
the respiratory system
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