Southeast Missouri State University
Department of Art
Art Motion Graphics
Catalog Description and Credit Hours:
An introduction to current concepts and history of Responsive Environment Art,
Generative Art, and Art Animations through basic motion graphics. 3 credit hours
Prerequisites: AR001, AR323 or consent of the instructor
Purposes of the Course:
a. Create digital art by gaining a basic understanding of motion graphics.
b. Explore 2D and 3D digital conceptual animation art techniques such as,
but not limited to: claymation, stop-action animation, 2D and 3D
computer animation, and text animation.
c. Gain a basic understanding of responsive environment art, generative art,
and time based animated art.
d. Develop critical thinking and concept building skills.
Expectations of the Students:
a. Attend all demonstrations and critical assessments of creative projects
b. Demonstrate the ability to research: complete all written and oral
research reports according to established guidelines
c. Read all assigned materials
d. Timeliness and organization: complete all creative projects according to
guidelines by the due date
e. Work outside of class to complete assignments
f. Experimentation: explore media and methods with enthusiasm, curiosity,
and creative problem solving
g. Produce original art work
h. For every hour in class, a minimum of one to two hours of work outside
class work required
i. Have an ability to articulate information about professional artists who
explore similar themes in their art work
j. Participate in the collaborative and collective learning environment of the
k. Respect parameters of the lab and take care of all tools and equipment
Course Outline:
Evaluation will be based on participation during class discussions, studio
participation, studio assignments and formal class presentations throughout
the semester.
Course Outline:
a.Introduction, 6 hours, vocabulary, overview & research
b. Project 1, 42 hours: Explore the history of responsive environment art
and animations. Learn software and create short conceptual
responsive art animations based on readings and class discussions.
c. Project 2, 48 hours: Gain an understanding of 3D animation software.
Create and execute a project based on class discussions and readings.
d. Research Report, homework: Research and give a presentation on
Animation Art, artist will be designated by instructor.
C. Textbook and Supplies Required:
a.It is expected that the students will need to purchase an estimated
minimum of $60.00 in supplies ((portable memory drive and other
media depending on the needs of the class)
D. Basis for Student Evaluation:
a.1 Research report
60 points
b. 2 Creative Projects
240 points
c. Participation/Journal 100 points
400 points
A = 400-360 points
Excellent work with a mastery of basic techniques
and an excellent ability to invent. Excellent effort.
B= 359.9-320 points
Good work with a good grasp of basic techniques
with strong effort to invent. No technical problems with superlative effort.
C= 319.9-280 points
Complete work with basic understanding of basic
techniques but there are technical problems that should be addressed.
Average effort to invent. Adequate effort.
D= 279.9-240 points
Poor work with failure to master basic techniques,
lacking technical and inventive skills. Poor effort in completing projects.
F= 239.9-0 points
Lacking understanding and practice of basic
techniques. Failure to do work. Poor attitude. Inadequate preparation