Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Quiz No. 2
Ministry of Higher Education
Majmaah University
College of Engineering
Academic Year:- 1432-1433 / 2011-2012
Term:- Even
Level:-4 (EE & CEN Old)
Subject Code:- 210 GE
Date: 9 April 2012
Time: 45 Minutes
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Question 1. From Fig. P-014, P is directed at an angle α from x-axis and the 200 N
force is acting at a slope of 5 vertical to 12 horizontal.
(4 Marks)
a. Find P and α if the resultant is 500 N to the right along the x-axis.
b. Find P and α if the resultant is 500 N upward to the right with a slope of 3
horizontal to 4 vertical.
c. Find P and α if the resultant is zero.
Question 2. Determine the resultant moment produced by the forces about point O
(3 Marks)
Question 3.
Determine the reactions at A and B on the structure shown in Fig. P-355. Members CD and FG are respectively
perpendicular to AE and BE at their midpoints.
(3 Marks)
Determine the tension force in the cables CA and CB if θ = 40 o and weight of cylinder is 50 kg. for the following
system in equilibrium condition.