Checks and Balances SS09

Checks and Balances
A. Read the government action statement.
Example: The president has the power to appoint a Supreme Court
B. Decide which branch, or branches, of government can “check” this decision?
(In other words, which branch can stop this from happening?)
Example: The Legislative branch (Senate) must approve Supreme Court
Use your “Chart of the Three Branches of Government” .
1. Government action
A president is elected and sits in office.
Which branch can “check” the position of the president? (Remove
him from office)
2. Government action
The president is the Commander-in-Chief of the military forces.
Which branch can “check” the power of the president’s power as
3. Government action
The president can sign treaties with foreign countries.
Which branch can “check” the signing of treaties? (Who has to
approve the treaties?)
4. Government action
The president can appoint (choose) cabinet members like Secretary of
Defense, Secretary of State, Secretary of Education, etc.
Which branch can “check” the president’s appointments can keep
people from getting those jobs?
5. Government action
The legislative branch can propose that a bill become a law.
Which branch can “check” the legislature’s power and keep the bill
from becoming a law?
Which branch can “check” the above branches’ power and STILL
make the bill a law?
Which branch can “check” BOTH of the other two branches and
declare the law unconstitutional?