Katherine Deming
Bedichek Middle School
Objective: The student will know the meaning of the word "mercantilism" by acting out, drawing or
Warmup: Ask students to use their textbooks or dictionaries to define the word "mercantilism"
Notes: Have the students write notes on the map about what happens in mercantilism (a student
and teacher copy of the note sheet are available below in the attachments section)
Vocabulary Extension--Give the class 3 options for how to explain mercantilism
1. Working alone, the student will draw a 5-frame comic book illustrating what happens in
mercantilism. The comic must have color, dialogue and no stick figures.
2. Skit--Working in a group of 3, the student will perform mercantilism with a script and
props. Points awarded for creativity and accuracy of information. Require the students to
turn in their completed script.
3. Song--Working in a group of 2-3, ask the students to change the words to a popular song
so that it is about mercantilism. Have the students sing the song to the class and project
the words by an overhead. Ask the students to turn in the song lyrics. Points awarded for
creativity and accuracy.
Example: To the tune of Amazing Grace (it's cool if you have musical talent to accompany
yourself on guitar. The students really like to hear you sing even if it is not pretty)
Amazing Mercantilism
How sweet the sound
That saved England a lot of money
I once was a farmer
Who grew a lot of cash crops
They're all being shipped overseas
Example: To the tune of Row, Row, Row your boat
England is making a whole lotta money
Good for freaking' them
Have the students work on their projects for 1 class period and perform the next day.