Day 6 warm-up SS09

Name ________________________________________ Date _________
Warm-up #6
1. Put these events in order by which they happened by writing a 1 by the event that
happened first, a 2 by the event that happened second, etc.
______ Stephen F. Austin is arrested
______ Immigration from the United States is stopped
______ The Edward brothers declare independence from Mexico
______ Texans write a state constitution for the state of Texas
______ Texan colonists write the Turtle Bayou Resolutions declaring their
2. What was the revolt called that the Edward brothers declared their independence?
3. What was the name of the law that outlawed all immigration from the united
States? ____________________________________________________
4. Why was Austin arrested and imprisoned? __________________________
5. Who won the Battle of Velasco (Texans or Mexicans)? ________________
6. What happened at Washington-on-the-Brazos on March 2, 1836?
A. The Texas Declaration of Independence was adopted by unanimous vote of
the Convention.
B. Santa Anna entered the town and routed the Texas provisional government.
C. The Texas constitution was approved.
D. David G. Burnet was chosen as ad interim president of Texas.
Use the following passage and your knowledge of social studies to answer question #7.
“War is raging on the frontiers. Bejar (San Antonio) is besieged by two thousand of the enemy…By the
last report, our force in Bejar was only one hundred and fifty men strong. The citizens of Texas must
rally to the aid of our army, or it will perish…Independence is declared, it must be maintained.
Immediate action, united with valor [bravery], alone can achieve the great work.”
-Sam Houston, Commander in Chief of the Texas Army
7. Which of the following statements best summarizes how Houston inspired Texans to
A. Texans will be ashamed of themselves.
B. The Alamo must be avenged.
C. The enemy will destroy Texans if Texans do not defend themselves.
D. The enemy has reinforcements.
8. How did the battle of the Alamo affect the Texas Revolution?
A. The defeat convinced other Texans that it was useless to resist Anta
Anna’s armies.
B. The battle discouraged citizens of the United States from helping the
Texans in their struggle for independence.
C. The battle delayed the independence of Texas for 2 years.
D. The courage of the defenders at the Alamo made Texans more determined
than ever to win their independence.
9. What happened when General Fannin surrendered to General Urrea?
A. The captured Texans were soon released.
B. The Texans were forced to march to Mexico City.
C. The Texans were executed by order of Santa Anna.
D. The Texans regained the presidio and captured the Mexican troops.
Use the diagram below to answer the following question.
10. Which of the following events completes the flowchart?
A. Texans were captured at Coleto then executed at Goliad.
B. The Mexican army lost its commander, Santa Anna.
C. Heavy spring rains posed a problem for the Mexican forces.
D. Travis's letter mobilized troops and supplies.