Oral Report Presentation Grading Sheet

Date of Report ________________________
Oral Report
Grading Sheet
Your oral presentation will be graded as follows.
_____ points
Knowledge and content:
 Introduction about the project
 Information is memorized and not just read from the
 Reference to visual as you explain
 Keeps focused
 Presentation has a beginning, middle and end
 Audience has a chance to ask questions
_____ points
Interesting to the audience:
 Presenter looks and acts interested
 Report kept to time limit
_____ points
Speech and Manner:
 Speak slowly
 Speaks clearly (no mumbling)
 Grabs audience attention
_____ points
 Then product/project is neat, organized and completed
 It is referred to when explaining
 Individuality and creativity is displayed
_____ points
Time line:
 Product/project was presented on time
__________ Your final grade for this presentation.
Teacher comments: