Interview Routine

Interview Routine
Greeter: ____________
Asker: _____________ Writer: ____________
Person to interview: ______________________________
Person’s job on campus: ___________________________
Interview day and time: ____________________________
1. Greeter:
a. Walks up, shakes hands
b. Introduces self, and other group mates.
c. Explains you are there to get information that will help your class pick a
school project that will increase how much we reduce, reuse, and recycle
2. Asker:
a. Asks each questions slowly and clearly. Makes good eye contact. Really
listens to answers.
b. Asks follow-up questions as needed.
c. Questions:
i. Who do you think should be responsible for taking care of
our environment? Why?
ii. What is our school doing right now that helps reduce
pollution - like littering?
iii. What are some things that our students and staff at our
school can do to reduce, reuse, and recycle?
3. Writer:
a. Takes notes to record answers. Only writes key words. Captures the big
ideas. NOT concerned with spelling.
b. Politely asks person to repeat if needed.
4. Greeter:
a. Shakes hands again.
b. Thanks person for allowing us to visit.
c. Politely leads group out and back to class.
Make eye contact!!
Be confident!!!
Hold your head up – no slouching!!