Math 206P

MATHEMATICS 206 P-<section number>
Calculus I Workshop
<Quarter, Year>
Instructor: <name>
Office: <location>
Office phone: <number only if you have an actual office>
Office hours: <days, times, and location>
Tutorial center hours: <days, times, and location>
Tutorial center phone: 323-343-5374
Email: <university email address>
Final Exam of lecture: <date, time, location>
Workshop Time:
Workshop Location:
Day, Time, Location, and Instructor’s Name of the associated calculus course:
Enrollment Policy: The Math 206P workshop is required for students who have
completed Math 104A or Math 104B with a grade of C or C+ and for those that are
repeating Math 206 (even if they received CR for Math 206P in the past). The workshop
is also highly recommended for students with grades of B- and above.
Workshop Format: During the workshop students will work in groups on homework or
related problems to gain practice in problem solving. Each group will be working on the
blackboard, and members of each group will take turns working out the problems. The
workshop instructor will oversee participants’ involvement and progress.
Grading Policy: The grade for the workshop is CR/NC. It will be based on students’
attendance and participation. More than 3 absences will warrant a grade of NC for the
course. You will automatically receive a N/C in the workshop if you receive a grade of
C- or lower in the corresponding <Math 206-section#>.