Means of Translation How to translate?

Means of Translation
How to translate?
1- An equivalent term already
existing in the language
• For example: Speak = ‫يتكلم‬
School = ‫مدرسة‬
2- Transliterating
• For example: Aspirin = ‫اسبرين‬
Potassium = ‫بوتاسيوم‬
John = ‫جون‬
3- Arabisation (when possible)
• For example: Democracy = ‫ديموقراطية‬
Magnet = ‫مغناطيس‬
4- Translation by explanation
• When there is no equivalence, especially culturespecific terms
• For example:
‫ = زكاة‬Zakat: an annual tax on Muslims to aid the
poor in the Muslim community.
‫ = كبسة‬Kabsa: a family of mixed rice dishes that are
served mostly in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.