Current Topics in IS: NYTimes Technology Pages By: Jeremy Brugger, Jim Klein

Current Topics in IS:
NYTimes Technology Pages
By: Jeremy Brugger, Jim Klein
Sam Reinhardt, Anthony Knollhoff
Diane Torneire
Site Focus
• NYTimes Tech reports and syndicates up to the
minute news related to the tech world
– Current news related to established tech companies as
well as start-ups, like CrowdFlower
– Reports on new and rumored consumer products and
technologies such as Apple’s tablet
– Reviews, podcasts and blogs related to camcorders,
cell phones, and other consumer electronics
– Tips on computer security
Technology & Issues
• Current Technology
– Amazon is now allowing outside developers to create
Apps for the Kindle
– Seagate, the worlds largest hard drive producer, has
started selling hardware directly to end-users
– NASA plans to develop personal flying suits
– News from C.E.S. 2010 including E-books readers and
Internet for cars
• Current Issues
– Google’s year-end sales and issues with China
(censorship, hackers, and cell phones)
– Facebook partnered with McAfee to increase site and
user security
– Young texters changing the way Americans spell
English words
Resources for Managers
• Managers in almost any industry can benefit
from the NYTimes Technology pages
– Retail managers can stay abreast of the current issues
and trends in consumer electronics
– Managers of high-tech companies can benefit from the
reports on competitors and industry trends
– Financial services managers can use the site’s info to
aid investment-making decisions
– Managers in the automotive industry can keep up with
the popular gadgets and technology for possible
integration into future models
– Managers can get updates on news with current
vendors and software providers
– Links to other websites that heavily promote electronics
– End of the Day stock tracker for tech companies in the