Portfolio Project [Word]

Portfolio Project – INF 385H fall 2007
The purpose of the Portfolio Project is to provide an opportunity for each student to conceive and
develop an innovative digital media interface in an area of personal interest.
Some suggested projects areas: (notice: “websites” not listed)
Hospitals…Doctors’ Offices
Airports (info & advertising)
Art Galleries
Social Networking
Non-profit Volunteer Management
Retirement & Nursing Homes
Accessibility (Section 508)
Commerce (Click + Brick)
Patient Medical Records (input/output – sharing)
Games (emphasis learning)
Performing Arts
Schools (reading, science)
Visual Arts
The Portfolio Project will require the completion of three preparatory surveys:
For each item provide: (a) brief description of its use, (b) a picture and/or description of its form
factor/interface, (c) pro/con on its form factor/interface, (d) a “new” use for it (not one intended),
(e) key tech specs & cost and (f) web links for further info.
Survey 1: Small digital gizmos (hardware devices), such as barcode readers, digital picture
frames, phone cameras, photo printers, web cams, hand scanners, iPods, projectors, DJ gear,
joy sticks, etc.
Survey 2: Single screen display technology, such as projection systems, touch screens,
holographic, small screens, glasses/goggles, etc.
Survey 3: Web-based applications (software “gizmos”), such as Google Earth, Facebook, Flicker,
YouTube, Content-matching (Amazon), morphing, casual games, etc.
The Portfolio Project will involve the following phases:
Surveys (above)
Initial problem statement (why & how to solve)
Use case scenarios
Promotional materials (marketing inside an organization or to investors); may include IP
(6) Demo/mockup or prototype
All Portfolio Project materials due on last day of class