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Concept 1:
Analyzing the Processes of Cellular Respiration.
Refer to pg 77-82 in Holtzclaw, Ch 9 in Campbell and media resources
Refer to pg 300-303 in Holtzclaw, Inv 6 in LabManual
If a person was not eating any glucose (or
other carbohydrates than can be digested to
glucose) in their regular food intake, what
would happen to the ATP production in that
There would be no change in ATP production.
There are A LOT of biochemical pathways in
your body that can convert one type of
biological molecule to another.
 Ex: amino acids to glucose
The summary equation of cellular respiration.
The difference between fermentation and cellular
 The role of glycolysis in oxidizing glucose to two
molecules of pyruvate
 The process that brings pyruvate from the cytosol
into the mitochondria and introduces it into the
citric acid cycle
 How the process of chemiosmosis utilizes the
electrons from NADH and FADH2 to produce ATP
Which metabolic pathway is common to both
fermentation and cellular respiration?
Tues/Thurs Class time
 Individual or in pairs
 Make sure there are moving pieces!
(Like a little puppet show)
Due on Monday
 Present to classmates
before the checkpoint
Time to work on Cellular Respiration Project!
 Please refer to the criteria sheet…