medical 1

1. Basic Word Structure
Word Analysis
Steps of Analyzing Medical Terms :
*when you analyze a medical term , begin at the end of the word .
Which is called Suffix .
e.g The term HEMATOLOGY
Is divided into three parts HEMAT / O / LOGY .
1. The Suffix is Logy which means study of .
Then Look at the beginning of the term which is called the Root of the
word , the root in previous example is HEMAT means BLOOD.
2.The root : gives the essential meaning of the term .
3.Combining Vowel : Is a connector between the root and the suffix .
( has no meaning )
The combining vowel in the previous example is O .
Now The meaning of suffix , combining vowel , and root all together of
the term HEMATOLOGY means study of the blood .
A term with more two Roots and
Combining vowels
*Another example of the Medical terms is ELECTROCARDIOGRAM
( ECG ) OR ( EKG) as abbreviation .
*The term is divided as the following :
We start with The suffix at the end of the term .
The Suffix GRAM means a record .then have a look at the beginning of the
term ELECTR which is the first Root , and it means electricity .
The second root is CARDI , means Heart .
By reading the meaning of the medical terms from the Suffix , back to the
beginning and then across .
ELECTR/O/CARDI/O/GRAM means record the electricity in the heart .
It’s the electrical current flowing within the heart that cause the heart
muscle to contract Pumping blood throughout the body
Heartbeat : The sound made by contraction and relaxation of the heart
muscle .