GA/TA Questionnaire

During the month of August, The Department of Economics will be making assignments for all graduate students
receiving assistantships. Please answer all the questions but note that all initial assignments must be based on
departmental needs, although the department will attempt to consider your particular skills and requests where possible.
Please return via e-mail as soon as possible, and no later than the date requested in the e-mail.
Generally, full-time graduate assistantships carry the responsibility of performing 15-20 hours a week of work at one of
the following assignments:
Teaching Assistant (TA) - Responsible for teaching weekly study sessions and exam reviews, grading exams and
homework, as well as being available to provide scheduled office hours for student questions and problems. Some
students with a TA assignment will be assigned as graders.
Graduate Assistant (GA) - Responsible for performing research related tasks for a faculty member or members such
as data location, entry, transformation, and analysis, as well as search for and interpretation of economic literature.
With the above descriptions in mind, please answer the following:
1. I would prefer to be assigned as a:
Teaching Assistant
Graduate Assistant
No preference
The following questions are designed to determine which position you are most qualified to fill.
2. What is the most advanced math course you have completed?
3. What is the most advanced statistics course you have completed?
4. In what past economics or related course did you feel that you excelled and why?
5. a. Please describe your previous teaching experience, if any:
b. If assigned as a TA, which of the following courses would you be most enthusiastic about teaching?
(Please rank 1 to 5, where 1 implies most enthusiastic, or NP for "no preference"):
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Micro or Macro Theory
Other (please specify)
6. Please describe your previous research experience, if any:
7. Please describe any computer experience you have, including your level of experience (if any):
Operating Systems
Statistical Software Packages
Programming Languages
Building and/or maintaining a website
Classroom management software (such as Blackboard)
NOTE: It is not expected that you are proficient in any of these applications. These questions are only to determine if
you currently have skills that would be useful in a particular assignment.
7. Please elaborate on any additional information about yourself that might be useful in determining an assignment that
would be beneficial both to you and to the Economics Department.