Santa Claus - Globalization Secularization

Santa Claus – Secularization and
• Secularization can denote the transformation
or broadening of a religious into a secular
symbol. Santa, or Saint Nicolas, was originally
associated with the Christian celebration of
the birth of Christ. Today, around the world,
Santa has been adopted by many people as a
symbol of winter celebration with no
reference to the birth of Christ.
• Globalization describes an ongoing process
by which regional economies, societies, and
cultures have become integrated through a
globe-spanning network of communication
and execution. Globalization is usually
recognized as being driven by a combination
of economic, technological, sociocultural,
political, and biological factors. The term can
also refer to the transnational circulation of
ideas, languages, or popular culture through
Korean postmen drive away on their
delivery bikes for a gift-giving event at the
Central Post Office.
A group of runners warm up before
the annual Santa Speedo Run.
Guests at Europa park, one of Europe's
most popular theme parks, pose for a
group photo.
Runners participate in a sponsorship
event at an open-air ice stadium in
Budapest, Hungary.
Joschi, a seven-year old retriever, waits
with competitors before the start of a
charity run in Hamburg, Germany.
White Beluga whales perform in a
Christmas show at the Hakkeijima Sea
Paradise aquarium in Yokohama, Japan.
A participant in the 63rd annual
Christmas bathe frolics in shallow
waters in Nice, France.
More than 100 men and women wait to
rehearse their performance as St. Nick
during a meeting of Berlin's Santa Claus
School children wearing Santa Claus
masks work in their classroom in Siliguri,
In Rust, Germany guests at Europa park
wave to a camera from the roller coaster.
Santa's Stage Their Own Tour de
the Albany Society's annual Santa
Speedo Sprint
Santa was used
here as part of a
campaign to
encourage people
to get annual
checkups. This
doctor declared
the big man "fit for
duty" but did he
really pass the
Soccer Santa
Santa is skydiving to promote a Christmas
festival near Sydney, Australia
Korean Female Santa School
Santas take over Moscow
Santa in Advertising
Commercial Merchant’s Santa
Air Force Santa
Sacrilegious Santa