December 4 2013 Minutes -- CoBE Curriculum Committee

Minutes, Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes
Dec 4, 2013
Paul Ambrose substituted for Bob Leitheiser.
Shreyasee Das attended as a guest to talk about the international requirement.
Committee Members:
Robert Yu, Bob Leitheiser, Stuart Glosser, Rashiqa Kamal, Rimi Zakaria, Rob
Boostrom, Kyle Lippold
Committee Alternates:
Meifang Xiang, Paul Ambrose, Philip Seagraves, Steve Guo/James Bronson
Meeting Time, Date, and Place: 3:40 p.m., December 4, Hyland 4301
1. Approval of the November 13, 2013, meeting minutes.
Glosser moved agenda, Boostrom seconded. Approved
2. Proposals
A. Change in degree: International Requirement, reduce course selection options
Kamal moved the agenda, Boostrom seconded – approval of the international requirement. Discussion
followed on the courses, especially Introduction to Latin American History in comparison to keeping
African History. Reduction in the course selection options was approved unanimously.
B. Change in major: International Business Major, require written reflection and oral presentation after
study abroad experience
Moved by Boostrom, Kamal seconded. Approved unanimously
C. Administrative action: Allow MATH 152 to substitute for MATH 143
Moved to discuss by Glosser, Boostrom seconded discussion. Discussion followed. Approved
D. Economics Department
1) New course: Economics 445 Advanced Econometrics
Moved to discuss by Yu, Boostrom seconded. Discussion followed on the course. Approved unanimously.
E. General Business minor revision, add ITBE to elective area and remove restriction on electives
Moved to discuss by Kamal, Boostrom seconded. Discussion followed. Approved unanimously.
F. Marketing Department proposals:
1) New emphasis: Retail Management
2) New minor: Retail Management
3) New certificate: Retail Management
Moved to be approved by Boostrom, seconded by Yu. Discussion followed. Approved unanimously.
4) Course title change: Marketing 445, from Customer Relationship Management to Marketing
and Retail Analytics
5) Course description change: Marketing 445
6) Change in submajor: Direct and Internet Marketing Emphasis, replace Marketing 445 with
Marketing 352 Social Media
Moved to be approved by Boostrom, seconded by Ambrose. Discussion followed. Approved unanimously.
Information Technology/Supply Chain Management proposals:
1) Change in existing course: ITSCM 425 Mobile Development, change in description,
prerequisite, and title: Retail Management
2) Change in existing course: ITSCM 314 Advanced Database Design and Administration, change
in description, prerequisite, and title
3) Change in existing course: ITSCM 325 Web Development, change in description and
Moved to be approved by Ambrose, seconded by Yu/Boostrom. Discussion followed. Approved
3. Discuss proposed changed to BBA Assurance of Learning goals and traits (Economics Department)
Moved to be approved by Boostrom, seconded by Yu. Discussion followed. Approved unanimously.
4. Other Business
5. Adjournment
Moved to be approved by Kamal, seconded by Boostrom. Approved unanimously.
Christine Clements, Dean
John Chenoweth, Associate Dean
Lois Smith, Associate Dean
Bob Schramm, Assistant Dean
College of Bus and Econ Dept Chairpeople
Marketing and Media Relations