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Fiscal Year End
Key Deadlines:
March 16 – Budget amendments between personal services and
non-personal services AND projected amounts for DSS accounts.
May 2 – Requisitions other than exception categories.
May 23 – Requisitions for contract purchases or less than $25K.
June 17 – Travel Authorities.
June 24 – Travel expenses and other check requests.
June 27 – JVs and tickets.
June 28 – Deposits/cash/credit card receipts.
Notable Changes:
Computer Equipment, Software, & Services (CESS) approval
Fiscal Year End
Computer Equipment, Software, & Services
Information Technology (IT) requests with an aggregate cost of $10,000 or
more OR which include restricted or sensitive data handling or do not fully
meet the UGA or USG standards regardless of cost as outlined in the
CESS guidelines at
require the following approvals:
• March 28 - CESS purchases totaling $500,000 or more, which require
approval by the University System of Georgia (USG).
• April 22 - Purchases that require only local CESS approval (up to
$500,000) and are not available on state contract or agency contract.
• May 9 - Requests that require local approval, but are available on state
or agency contract.
*Please note these are the dates CESS requests are due to the VPIT's office.
Year End Considerations/Tips
• Plan ahead, don’t wait until last minute
• Ensure account(s) used on initial transaction document
is correct and appropriate account
– Does item benefit activity of account?
– Does item meet objectives of activity of account?
– Allocate reasonably & accordingly
• Does the charge need to be split between accounts?
• JVs should not be used as normal way of doing business
– Don’t rely on JVs to “fix it later”
• Use budget to spend against even if expected revenue
not collected yet on income type accounts