Event: Breakfast Sale Date: 2007 March 14 Wednesday

Event: Breakfast Sale
Date: 2007 March 14th Wednesday
Organized by: Members of GSTT, Mona Chapter.
What can be more satisfying than getting a real Trinbago breakfast prepared by
the outstanding geologists? The Geological Society of Trinidad and Tobago, Students
Arm -Mona Chapter better known as GSTT decided to have a breakfast sale for the
purpose of raising funds. The initiative and creative executive decided to put a geological
twist into the breakfast sale name while at the same time not leaving non-geologists
baffled (almost everybody could relate to gem stones). The society thought the Breakfast
sale would be successful since many persons who attended our Annual Brunch couldn’t
wait to get another taste of the Trinbagonian dishes.
The food
There were four (4) combos which you could choose from: Emerald, Ruby,
Sapphire and Diamond. Each combo came with the compliments of your choice of
coffee, juice or tea in addition to a fruit cup with a variety of tropical fruits. The Diamond
Combo had an additional dish and a mega fruit cup. And the cost for such a wonderful,
well balanced breakfast was only a mere Ja $250.00. The society did not restrict persons
to selecting the combos; there was an option of creating your own combo for a further
reasonable cost of Ja $200.00. The sale was done by order only and there was no
purchasing of breakfast on the day. If you did not order a combo and purchase a ticket
then would have missed out on a delicious breakfast.
The support
We achieved major support from our department- the Department of Geology and
Geography. The lecturers were eager to purchase after struggling to decide which combo
was the best to choose from. Sapphire and Diamond Combos were the favourites. The
students in the department also placed their order and we also got a few sales outside of
the department.
The work
GSTT members went in action the night before Breakfast Gems. The current
President of the society, Candice, had her flat invaded by other exec members, awaking
the room with enticing aromas from the dishes being prepared. Most of us didn’t get any
sleep and for those of us who did it was not for long. While we slaved over the pots our
customers were dreaming of their eagerly awaited breakfast. We had to quickly transport
the meals that we boxed out from Rex Hall to the department (which is on the opposite
side of the campus). We had to be speedy because we did not want a masse rioting for
their food so we borrowed a car to maximize time. It was real work! Anyone who has to
walk up those Rex stairs (affectionately called Mt. Ever-Rex) with heavy load would
know what I am talking about.
The results
There were satisfied customers. Most of the feedback we received was optimistic
with one or two complaints of not sufficient chicken and some of the festivals not to
likings of some. Few persons had to wait an extra ten minutes because the meals where
coming all the way from Rex. There was also a mix up of one of our customer’s meal
which we apologized for. Despite these breakfast sale was well received. The lecturers
enjoyed the meals thoroughly and the students couldn’t stop talking about the roti, fried
bake and pumpkin! Some persons claimed that the brunch we had last semester was
slightly better but must admit that the food was good anyway. Persons on the day of the
sale wanted to buy but they were informed that it was by order only. Others tried to
negotiate to buy fruit cups for attractive prices but we not successful. The sale was an
overall success and hopefully we look forward to serving the public again.
Vote of thanks
The members of the Geological Society of Trinidad and Tobago- Mona Chapter
would like to thank everybody who have made Breakfast Gems possible and a success.
Thanks to the members of the society for preparing the dishes and the executive as well
and to persons who donated items and last but not least our dear customers. Special
thanks to the Department of Geology and Geography for their continued support.
Monifa Blondell
Technical Director
GSTT 2006-2007