Lab 6 assignment

Field Methods - Lab 6 Assignment
1. Devise a question that you would like to test with our field data from Crane Creek. It
has to be testable with our data, using one of the 3 methods described in class
(independent t-test, ANOVA or regression). Pick an analysis that has not been
performed in lecture.
[Describe your question here]
2. Make a graph to help formulate your question. For example, if you want to test the
mean difference between 2 categories, then you should make a mean plot. If you
want to test a linear trend between to quantitative variables, then make a
[paste graph here]
3. Formulate a null hypothesis and alternate hypothesis to be tested.
[write hypotheses here]
4. Perform the appropriate statistical test in R
[paste R output here]
5. Determine whether your alternate hypothesis is accepted or rejected with an alpha
value of 5% (0.05).
[write in assesssment here]