February 10, 2005
Ophelia Clark and Bonnie Gratch, Accreditation Committee
Francine Podenski, Chair, Communications Committee
Draft Accreditation Self-Study Co-Chairs Report – page 32
The Communications Committee is concerned about inaccuracies in the Standard II A.6.c draft
report on page 32 of the blue book. Attached please find page 32 with passages marked for
1. The underlined text includes suggestions for changes in the first statement to make it
“The Office of Public Information and Marketing is to be commended for their
dissemination of information to the college community and the residents of San
Francisco. In addition, the Chancellor, the Board of Trustees, and the
Communications Committee are to be commended for the formation of a work group to
explore ways the institution can improve communication with its internal and external
2. A second statement on the same page contains incorrect information:
“It appears that the Office of Public Information and Marketing has historically relied on
the print media for dissemination of information regarding the institution. While print
media does reach an enormous number of San Francisco residents (e.g., the Class
Schedule) the dissemination of information via the website should also be considered
especially with regard to reaching the institution’s student population. The website is in
need of improvement and steps have been taken by the Communications Committee”
Evidence of college marketing and public information activities is available in the Office of
Marketing and Public Information. Examples of college marketing projects included in the
evidence: the Chancellor’s E-Bulletin to the Community, City Currents (print and web editions),
Faculty in Review (web), and advertising campaigns using radio, television, print, and alternate
media in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagolog, and Vietnamese. Note that the Class
Schedule is sent out by the Office of Instruction, not the Office of Marketing and Public
Please change the above statement to something like:
The Office of Marketing and Public Information relies on an effective mix of media to disseminate
information regarding the institution. City College of San Francisco was recognized with
excellence awards from the National Council on Marketing and Public Relations in 2002 for a
television PSA/Commercial, and in 2003 for a radio PSA/Commercial. Steps have been taken to
improve and more effectively utilize the college website by the Communications Committee, the
Information and Technology Policy Committee, the College Advisory Council, Admissions and
Records, Education Technology Office, Disabled Students Programs and Services, and
International Students’ Programs.