Week one quiz

Oceanography Week One Quiz
1. The name of this course is______________________ and the name of my teacher
is _________________.
2. There are two forces that made the water flow out of the
container during the demonstration on day 1. The first force
was ________________ pressure. This force began the flow.
The second force helps water “stick” together and kept the
water flowing. This force is called _________________.
3. Explain why the can was crushed in the demonstration on
day two.
4. Name three ways to figure out what your homework is.
5. A. How often will you have homework in this class? B .
How often will you have a quiz in this class?
6. A. What do you write on the left side of the page in your
interactive science journal? B. Right side?
7. Name two important rules for safety in the lab.
8. What is your personality type?
9. If things are more dense than water they_________________
when placed in water.
Cohesion on the surface of water is called surface