Homework Assignment, Chapter 16 The West 30 points

Homework Assignment, Chapter 16
The West
30 points
Please read chapter 16 in your text book, the reading assignments in your e-reader and the
lecture notes provided. Then answer the following questions.
1. Before reading the assignments, what were your perceptions about “The Old
West”? How have those changed or stayed the same? In composing your answer,
think about things like race and class, space and time and the idea of the
2. Identify the Dawes Severalty Act (Remember to include information on who was
affected, what the law said, when it occurred, what the consequences were at the
time it was passed and the long-term effect of it)
3. Summarize Wovoka’s Message and identify the bias. How does the reading
affect you as a reader?
4. The Battle of Little Big Horn has become one of the most debated, re-enacted and
controversial battles of the Indian Wars. Summarize the battle, then explain why
you think it has captured so many people’s imaginations.
5. What was “The Indian Question”? What were the federal government’s answers?