Information Packet Special Needs Group Research Assignment Objectives:

Information Packet
Special Needs Group Research Assignment
1. To study the symptoms of special needs
2. To understand the educational needs of children
3. To promote further understanding of special needs
Materials: case studies, information packet, research materials
1. Students work in pairs.
2. Each group is the proud parents of child. Obtain a case history of your child from your
3. Research the identified special need(s) described in your case history. Use the Internet,
local telephone book, library references for names of institutions, organizations and
hospitals to obtain resource materials. Contact these places as soon as possible since it
will take time for them to respond. Use the information guideline given as a starting
point. As you become more knowledgeable in your research, you will know what
questions to ask, what information you need and where to obtain this information.
4. Prepare an oral and written presentation for the due date. Your presentation can be in
the form of pamphlets like those found in doctors' offices or be an informative poster,
Powerpoint presentation, video presentation, etc. Be CREATIVE!
Information Guideline:
I. Special Need:
II. Cause(s):
III. Symptoms:
IV. Population affected: (sex, ethnic group, age, etc.)
V. Is it inherited? And/Or Is it environmentally influenced?
VI. Care And/Or cure, if any.
VII. Steps and resources necessary to provide appropriate education/LRE.
VIII. Federal/State laws and regulations:
Note: As you become familiar with your problem, the suggested categories will increase.