IIPP Food Safety Program

Food Safety and Hygiene Program
Section: 4C
Implementation Date: 1/29/2014
Revision Date: 01/07/14
Revised By: RM&S
1. California Retail Food Code (CRFC), Division 104
2. California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Public Health
All food which is sold, displayed, given away, or otherwise dispensed on California State
University San Marcos (CSUSM) Property must be obtained from sources approved by
Risk Management and Safety (RM&S) and be dispensed in a manner meeting RM&S
requirements and laws referenced above. This policy is not intended to apply to the use
of foods in University authorized dwellings.
This document applies to anyone and/or group providing food and/or beverages to the
public on campus. Serving food to private events this is limited to invited university
groups such as department meetings, potlucks, staff gatherings, and class meetings
will be excluded from this policy.
1. Food vending machines shall meet the standards described in the above codes.
2. Food vending vehicles may not operate on campus except for those approved to serve
contractors during construction work. Any exceptions must be approved by RM&S. All
such vehicles must be under permit from the San Diego County Department of
Environmental Health Services.
3. Outside caterers must be approved by Events and Conference Services. They must also
be under permit and inspection of the San Diego County Department of Environmental
Health Services.
4. In addition to meeting the above standards, an owner/operator of food vending
machines, food vending vehicles, approved outside caterers, and contracted operators
of CSUSM food facilities shall carry appropriate levels of insurance as required by
5. Temporary food facilities (i.e. student food booths) dispensing food to the public must
be specifically approved by RM&S and operators must be prepared to provide evidence
of such support. Additionally, guidelines for commercial and CSUSM organizations are
available to provide direction to operate a successful event.
6. Permanent food establishments will be routinely inspected by RM&S to verify
compliance with the above codes.
7. To report a foodborne illness, first contact your medical provider as soon as possible.
The physician’s diagnosis is essential in assisting RM&S in the foodborne illness
Section: 4C
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1. The person in charge of each food facility shall be responsible to RM&S for maintaining
safe and sanitary food service in conformance with the above codes.
2. It is the responsibility of any administrative unit, before engaging in food dispensing
activities, either with university personnel or through an outside contractor, to obtain
the approval of RM&S.
3. RM&S will enforce, as necessary, that all temporary facilities dispensing food to the
public are specifically approved by our office, as evidenced by a temporary food and
beverage permit. If necessary, University Police will assist RM&S in this enforcement.
CSUSM shall, in coordination with the responsible CSUSM administrative office, review
all contractual arrangements with outside food vendors to ensure that they carry
appropriate levels of insurance.
4. The permanent food establishment Owner/Manager must have successfully passed an
approved and accredited food safety certification examination by San Diego County
Health Department.
5. Temporary closures will be issued when a food operation is not compliant to the above
6. Inspection and Risk Assessments will be conducted in response to reports from the
campus community of possible foodborne illnesses or dirty conditions are present at
the site.
Section: 4C
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